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                                                                                     Site News
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                                                    Status: RC1
                                                    Welcome aboard. Despite having released the older works, we start with the last... In
                                                    the IT side, again we have all sort of inacuracies with Google Chrome and Opera,
                                                    IExplorer sees all but with a strange taste for font size, while Mozilla and its family sees
                                                    everything ok.
                                                    We try to fix all those things, meanwhile enjoy the Bandcamp link at the merchandise
                                                    page, and the other revisions (including the blog in Blogger) we'll keep this mess a
                                                    little bit cleaner everyday... :)  
                                                    See you soon :) 

                                                    Status: Beta 0.6.0.
                                                    Welcome again. This time we upgraded some pages, with a lot of effort since I have my
                                                    right hand injured, and from a cybercafe, since we lost our residential internet service. 
                                                    The site was upgraded for runnig well on the Mozilla family browsers, unfortunally we 
                                                    haven't time enough to make it work well on Chrome, and we don't check it on IE. 
                                                    The Info and Bio pages were reunited in one, and the content of both Music and
                                                    Reviews pages were extended to include new material. 
                                                    The next time we're going to fix some minor details and compensate the style mess in
                                                    the code so it could work something better. These are challenging times, we hope 
                                                    we could deal with all our matters and become successful.
                                                    The distance in time for having a BandCamp profile to allow everybody to get our
                                                    music stuff is shortening, so we are working for, then it's just a matter of having a
                                                    little more of patience. Hope you're going well, see you soon :) 


                                                    Status: Beta 0.5.0.
                                                    Welcome to the site. Things are going well, so far so good. Actually the site code is
                                                    proving being in good health despite the lack of css, haven't have mayor trouble for
                                                    most of the functions, the data in the pages was updated, and some pics were changed
                                                    for more new ones, more content is expected to add by year's end.
                                                    The so-much-waited BandCamp profile is close to be opened, as well as an update and
                                                    extension of our studio, the Enterprise Sounds Lab, which can be active again by next
                                                    year, after some renewvals and paperwork previously missed.
                                                    If these are the only lines here for a time, then have a happy Christmas and New Year!!
                                                    With love,

                                                    Status: Beta 0.4.3
                                                    Hello everybody, ! recheck everything here, since I was absent from the administration
                                                    of the site for a long time. It seems that new improvements on the browsers all around
                                                    helps much more than previously to the correct visualization of the site, thanks God
                                                    we're working well on most of them.
                                                    Some content were added, also a new pics page in on the way, all the links were re-
                                                    chacked, so nothing falls apart...
                                                    The BandCamp link will appear at its own time, we are working actually for doing that
                                                    possible as soon as we can do it, having in account the few resources available for us at
                                                    this time, anyway we are still working on all the matters related to the projcts, despite the
                                                    blurry panorama all around...
                                                    All the best for you from B.A.,
                                                    Cheers! :) 

                                                    Status: Beta 0.4.2
                                                    Hi! Again a lot  of time passed, we do little things around this time, and check for 
                                                    browsers compatibility, and we must tell you that this site only works fine on Mozilla 
                                                    or SeaMonkey (both of the same family), while Google Chrome doesn't catch some 
                                                    code lines for window adjustement an resizing, Internet Explorer is even worst,
                                                    making objects crash into the text in some places...
                                                    So, probably we must face a total renew of templates, in order to have an active and
                                                    attractive site. That work will be scheduled for mid march, a time we already pointed
                                                    for some hardware renewal. Anyway we hope you enjoy the few but useful new
                                                    data  on the pages.
                                                    Bye bye  :)

                                                    Status: Beta 0.4.1
                                                    A lot  of time passed since last changes. We are now into a .tk domain,  the only real
                                                    change is that the e-commerce page will be redirected to my .com website when
                                                    we'll be in thecnical conditions to put it online. All the remaing pages have some little
                                                    info upgrade since last active situation.
                                                    Anyone is allowed to send comments or whatever you like to express to this creative
                                                    center through the mail adresses noted in the contact page.
                                                    Cheers! :)

                                                    Status: Beta 0.4.0
                                                    Upgrading of the links, bio, pix II and contact pages, rechecking the overall status... After
                                                    a long hiatus, we try to put things more properly than previous, doing various tests
                                                    with new tools.
As we are only work in the music field nowadays, more changes are
                                                    expected soon. Some bugs may appear due to css problems as well as some links will
                                                    work/not work according to sizing/resizing windows clue missing in the code, I try to
                                                    fix that in the forthcoming days, hope you enjoy the new details...
                                                    See you on the cyberspace! ;) 

                                                    Status: Beta 0.3.3
                                                    Some reparings at this time, maybe some pages could be offline these times...

                                                    Status: Beta 0.3.1
                                                    Little changes all around, the html code with this template is reaching its limits, I'm
                                                    looking for a new one, meanwhile I try to get the pages as best as possible, the
                                                    only thing that is basically correct is the blog, and that is because it is on Blogger...
                                                    For moments I really want a real webmaster here, I have no much time to do web
                                                    developing these days... Anyway, I'm still trying (and skip the css part as much as I
                                                    can) to improve it. If you have a suggestion please post it on the blog, any comment
                                                    are very welcomed. Cheers, Puppy :)
                                                    Status: Beta 0.3.0
                                                    Finally we have our own mail, also ftp and other things were activated, we are
                                                    preparing the merchandise page for future e-commerce, soon the css side also
                                                    will be upgraded, now we are focused on things outside the site, trying to have
                                                    good results with the recordings, etc... So, good news after all, we are trying to do
                                                    our best with the available time... See you anytime :)

                                                    Status: Beta 0.2.8
                                                    No changes at all this time, just some minor touches, I haven't the time needed for
                                                    any web design work... Hope I can change the situation as soon as I can...
                                                    Regards from B.A. :)

                                                    Status: Beta 0.2.7
                                                    Fonts changed, unfortunally only the computers with these ones installed will notice
                                                    the change, later I will try some css code to fix that thing, together with some style
                                                    improvements. Some frames were corrected, so now it could be viewed right on
                                                    Mozilla and others, more work is still needed for I.E. or Opera, but I'm in the way to
                                                    fix things... In fact I'm seriously thinking to delegate the web design part of the site, it's
                                                    a very complex matter to manage my time to have enough free to dedicate a bit for
                                                    this, so I will see if I can find someone who can helps to faster the developing issues
                                                    so we can finally get out of beta state!
                                                    See you soon, Puppy :) 

                                                    Status: Beta 0.2.6
                                                    Resizing of all fonts and images in order to better viewing on smaller screens, redefining
                                                    this page role, including new naming on the tabs, adding some new pics on pics II page,
                                                    working on the translation of the spanish site (still offline), Forum now is Blog, witch is
                                                    the real thing. I think this is enough for now, actually I'm very busy with the recording
                                                    part, so I see you later when the storm passes away... Cheers! :)

                                                    Status: Beta 0.2.5
                                                    Redesign and simplifying of the site, less awful links on links page, the link to Facebook
                                                    was finally discarded because I don't want to change the actual security settings there,
                                                    witch are good to me, so as you can read in the links page, just e-mail me... Actually I'm
                                                    trying to add limks to all my old friends and contacts with wicth I work with, way to have
                                                    a nexus for additional info and to expand their own sources (see Bio page). The sample
                                                    on front page could be moved later to the music page, with the add of others, the spanish
                                                    site is out by now, until I could get someone to make the translations correctly :p)... I hope
                                                    the music material for "Life Impressions" will be (at least the first half) ready by the end of
                                                    october, if nothing go out of plans... See you soon! :)
                                                    Status: Beta 0.2.3
                                                    We are going to make some improvements, actually I changed jobs at my job, so I expect
                                                    to have enough time to make some upgrades. As Facebook seems to rely on safer settings,
                                                    I will put a link to my profile so it could be a nexus to more fluid communication; also more
                                                    music samples will be added in the music page, too. My musicians are actually a little
                                                    splitted out, due to their other jobs, so in the mean time before we rehearse again I am in
                                                    the search for other guys trying to make a more or less final setup for the playing band...
                                                    Recording is another matter, so it is possible to have a band for that and other for the live,
                                                    I know that it isn't the best situation but is what we have at hand nowadays.
                                                    Hope everything go fine, so... see you the next! :) 

                                                    Status: Beta 0.2.2
                                                    Well, a disaster occurred, my father died the past month so I was forced to stop for a time
                                                    the work on this, but lately I was recovering forces to continue in the labor... Anyway, I'm again
                                                    on track, so I expect to refurbish (or something like) the site in a couple of days, so... we see
                                                    us later! :)

                                                    Status: Beta 0.2.1
                                                    Well!!!  Now we have our dot com!!! I change the colour to fest, happy green, and in brief
                                                    we start all the little things missing... Thanks to all the people on Facebook that supports
                                                    my initiative and efforts, it is good to know that this particular sounds reaches the heart of
                                                    someone else... No matter how delayed it is the project, I will be on studio already this month,
                                                    so the maxi would be delivered at first by this web around beginning of next month, if no
                                                    disasters happen... :)

                                                    Status: Beta 0.2.0
                                                    New pic in the frot page, also added a flash mp3 player embedded on those same pages,
                                                    I expect to work a bit more here, now at least we're covering missing features...
                                                    See you soon... :)

                                                    Status: Beta 0.1.5
                                                    More or less is getting its form, the site is growing. An accuracy touch is needed all around,
                                                    but is going to its fate. I expect the remaining items could be corrected as soon as possible.
                                                    I am recovering form a wrist stroke, so if I'm feeling better I still work for that.

                                                    Status: Beta 0.1.2
                                                    The spanish version of the site is on the way, so I hope it could be finished this weekend. The
                                                    non-activated peges still remains so until I got the right content. I must to make some clearings
                                                    about this development, and that are: first, sometimes I speak in first person, other in third; that is
                                                    because sometimes I do this myself and other times I have some help; and the other thing is
                                                    that the site is first done in english, then translated to the spanish; due to that the spanish site
                                                    could be seen (if you read spanish) a little bit different, specially in the news (novedades) page;
                                                    that, for all the pages except for the news one, could be corrected with the time; the news spanish
                                                    page is able to have another content, because it is intended to achieve the news first, at least by

                                                    Status: Alpha 2.0
                                                    Everything is a little bit stalled, because mainly of time matters, also I need my mind in fresh state
                                                    to make it up, so I try to find the right moment to work on this, but I can say that by now there's less
                                                    changes to make, a general code debugging and maybe another pix page; apart of that there's
                                                    the links to paypal that requires extra-site bussiness movements and other kind of registrations
                                                    to be straight enough and get it active, so to that point we can leave the pre-beta state.
                                                    Status: Alpha 1.0
                                                    The "Return to main page" links were added. Some minor changes at the 90's in the Bio, other
                                                    changes in the code of the pages were done. By now, only with the browser window maximized
                                                    this could be read correctly, but is not a hard matter still... (Awful people refrain...) . The pics now
                                                    can be clicked to see them in natural size...

                                                    Status: Pre-alpha 2.0
                                                    Minor changes, the personal note integrated at the Index, the Bio is already done, but many
                                                    changes are in stand-by until design is complete... The data provided there is o.k., maybe
                                                    several revisions could set more details now missing, expect a better overall look.
                                                    Status: Pre-alpha 1.0
                                                    Reached the 2000's in the Bio, have corrected mistypings and other data... I expect to make it a
                                                    little bit faster each time.

                                                    Status: Pre-alpha 0.5
                                                    We upgraded the Bio section, just reach the 80's but trying to make it undestandable. Anyway,
                                                    all seems a little crude, still...Try to make better tomorrow, today was an asphyxiant day, too
                                                    much pressure at job, etc., etc. ... This section by now is like a diary, I hope the real news could
                                                    come soon...

                                                    Status: Pre-alpha 0.1
                                                    Well, by now the site is in an early pre-alpha state. Lot of water comes down the bridge,
                                                    and a lot could still pass, unless we figure out how to fulfill the remaining items on time, but
                                                    anyway we are still putting energy on it, so, if things go as expected, the effort will pay in
                                                    a matter of weeks... 
                                                    What you read at the frontpage is just for design and space filling puproses, as you can read
                                                    on the music page, everything is to coming soon...

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