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                                                  November 2017 update:
                                                  Nowadays we have no plans for a live performance, in my solo projects or with my band as well...
                                                  In future posts we advise here if some performance could be done, where and when. Cheers! :) 


                                                                    Previous Posts (old times, just for the curious)

                                                  Actually there are some talks with managers of some places in the
Palermo neightborhood and other
                                                  ones, as well as in San Isidro and La Plata cities, who may be
interested in a live performing of the band,
                                                  so we began to speed up the rehearsals.
                                                  Anyway, in recent meetings I discuss with my bandmates this subject and we decided that it's healthier
                                                  for the band to do first things first. It means first we must to end the recordings of the band's demo, and
                                                  once this process ended, we will open a BandCamp profile and upload the material, so it will be more
                                                  accesible to everyone.
                                                  Then we're able
to start pre-show rehearsals as well as finish to solve the logistic, security, and other
                                                  issues required to step out to the road...
                                                  By the side of my solo project the situation is more or less similar, maybe being only one or at least two,
                                                  with the collaboration of some other musician, makes the live situation a little more easier, but at the
                                                  moment with the only exeption of being invited by other bands or musicians as guest in their shows,
                                                  I must also end my material in order to show it to possible interested site managers or owners, and also
                                                  to make it portable for possible sellings at-the-show (a.k.a. to make my kiosk).
                                                  Well, that's all by now (October 2014), I hope future lines in this page will be happier than previous,
                                                  meanwhile we'll keep fighting to make things possible,                                                 
                                                  More info on this matter later at this very page or in the blog related to the site, you can also check the
                                                  links page for even more info :).

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