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                                                                          Related Links                             
Main links to contact and get some info


                               . My Wordpress blog: My ex - Windows Live Spaces blog, here I have many
                                                              other links, it is in spanish, but is a useful tool to redirect
other interesting "cyberplaces",

                                     . My Facebook Page:  Here I try to set updates of my music activities  for
                                                                                             the users of that network.

                                                   . My Bandcamp:  The home for my final releases.

. Solar Ship Records:   My distribution channel, as well as for the band
                                                                                             Zona del Punto sin Retorno

                                       . My YouTube channel:   My videos and other carefully selected vids...   

My SoundCloud:  Hear the world's sounds... My sounds in good quality online.

. My HearThis!: This is an alternate place for putting my sketches outside SoundCloud.

                                                 . My Mixcloud:  Here I put my Mixes, my Demos, and other stuff...           
                     Other Links                             
                                                               Links to some other things to check                        
                                     Google+: My profile on that network.                   
                                     Twitter: A good place to chat with everybody.
Instagram: Something new for me, I hope I can use it somehow...                                                                 
                                     Tumblr: A compilation of views and thinkings...
                                                 Taringa!: My profile in the world of that proactive community.  
                                     FourSquare:  This one I barely use it, but in some situations it is practical.
                                     MySpace:  This is recently opened, I had another before but I closed it.
                                     Pinterest: A little pic collection I have outside Tumblr...  
500px: Another pic collection, but in high resolution.                                                                                                                                                            
                                     Blogger: My music blog, already available here in one of the buttons to the left :)                                                                                  
                                     My Facebook Profile:  Actually I have a higher security level here  than previously,
                                                                                           if you have a real need to add me on that network, go on.
                                                                                           You can find some more info about me, 
and interact in real
                                                                                           time when I'm online... P
lease don't abuse of this resource :)  
Zona del Punto sin Retorno (Point of No Return Zone)'s Blog: The blog of my band,
                                                                                                                                     where you can find everything related.


More Links
                                                                                        Curosities and fun stuff to review

. Hartke/Zoom/Samson  Sound tech site
                                                  . Aristides Guitars  Fine instruments                                                                 
                                                  . Morley Pedals  Powerful instrument pedals
                                                  . Lexicon  Signal processors
                                                  . Dunlop Guitar pedals & stuff
                                                  . Alesis Quality music production instruments & gear
OpenQNX site         
                                                  . The Open Group            
                                                  . GNU.Org                                                                           
                                                  . Whisky Magazine Online
(Just For Connoiseurs)  

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