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Brief  Info
                                                   I am a musician and also a sound technician who works into and was absorbed by
                                                   the recording industry, in its back to the music, living in Buenos Aires.

                                                   Actually I'm managing the way to put several projects alive, with the only help of my
                                                   friends amd family. The entire site was made by me nearly from scratch, with the aim to
                                                   finally publish the results of these efforts, as well as a communication bridge with
                                                   everyone interested and also for general interact (see Blog).

                                                   My music ranges from new age styles to rock/fusion, in a special blend, for moments
                                                   perhaps more eclectic or heterogeneous (at first sight). 
Due to my musical formation, I
                                                   also play classical and jazz, maybe later projects reflects that sides... More info on
                                                   present projects are in the Music page, as well as more info on my musical development
                                                   on the link below.

                                                   For those who are starting, here is my advise:
                                                   Do it the way YOU like, not the way any other(s) tells you close to your ear. Don't trust
                                                   in all the happy and friendly faces you can find around, not always they are what
                                                   they seem, there's a huge possibility of to be in front of a pack of wolves instead of the
                                                   sheeps they could seem at first sight. Only YOU could finally say: "This is my work...".
                                                   If you fall into the big companies, prepare to sold  your soul for the next decades... And
                                                   can you be sure that getting out of these is a real pain-xx-xxx-xxx! So, use your mind to
                                                   find the way to achieve success without loosing your freedom, witch is one of the most
                                                   sacred privileges that God puts into your being.
                                                   God bless you all, see you soon :)



                                                                                                            An attempt of a Biography.
                                                 (Written in a style crude enough to be more honest and truer than an ordinary C.V. could be)


                                                  60's - The start of everything.
                                                  Puppy Bordiga born in winter, on june 25, in the middle of the night, in the Palermo neighborhood of
                                                  Buenos Aires city, in a very downtown zone that has many changes through the years. He has music
                                                  around since then, mostly due to his father (Juan José Bordiga) taste, who by that time was involved
                                                  (many times as an artist or event producer) with the work of some of the most important musicians of the
                                                  local jazz and tango scene (he was one of the co-founders of the B.A.'s "Bop Club" of Jazz), like Astor
                                                  Piazzolla, Virgilio and Homero Exposito, Lalo Schiffrin, Gato Barbieri, Enrique "Mono" Villegas, Horacio
                                                  "Chivo" Borraro, the Casalla brothers, Jorge "Bebe" Eguia, and many others, as well as other people from
                                                  the media, like Hector Basualdo, Guillermo Orse Remis,
Alfredo Radoszynski, and other journalists and
                                                  people from the radio and tv world, the list is  just too large to show here.
                                                  He (P:B.) hear jazz in the morning and classical music (mostly Debussy and Ravel quartets) at the time to
                                                  sleep, something that was also enjoyed by his younger brothers Andrés Juan and Juan Pablo in their first
                                                  years. At his 5, the family moves from their home in Vicente Lopez to Martinez city (both in the north area
                                                  adjoining to Buenos Aires city), where they will live for the next long 22 years, and a very special place, as
                                                  facts will demonstrate later...
                                                  With the time, P.B. began to study piano and other matters for the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia (Founded
                                                  in 1894 by Luis Forino), then he began his musical career, along with his scholarship. The remaining years
                                                  of this times were passed between this way of life and long holidays at Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, where
                                                  his uncles reside.

                                                  70's - This was an INTENSE period if interactions are measured.
                                                  P.B. gains in skills at the piano and he plays for a full audience at the Colegio Santa Teresita's End-of-the-
                                                  Year Feast, with about a thousand people hearing his first compositions and also traditional pieces, in
                                                  december 1972. Some Conservatory changes were given, according to major changes made in the staff of
                                                  them (including a year at the
Conservatorio Superior Manuel de Falla) , and because the status of the family
                                                  were growing due to his father's continously improvement at his main job (he has one of the top stevedores
                                                  companies at the B.A.'s port), so by 1975 he and his brothers were studying at the Juan Jose Castro
                                                  Conservatory with the maestro Antonio De Raco, Claudio Kanz, and Susana Kasakoff (piano) also with
                                                  Horacio Lopez de la Rosa, harmony and composition; and as complimentary instrument trumpet with
                                                  Wlifredo Cardoso, one of the vituosos that the National Symphony Orchestra has at that time. Also around
                                                  that time he began to study guitar, with Nono Belvis of M.I.A. at first, later he prefers to continue with
                                                  some of his pals at the same conservatory. That was a time when the electronics come to the mass market,
                                                  so P.B. found himself each time with more access to technology due to the goodness of the port, he have in
                                                  house different kinds of tape-radio recorders and open reel machines, and later a lot of more professional
                                                  P.B. can't wait to experiment with them. He and his middle brother Andres began to literally reset and
                                                  reconfigure each german, japanese or u.s.-made object in the process of refine a machine that will provide
                                                  them the recently discovered (for them) "echo" of the tape. They don't know it in real time, but they were
                                                  done similar things that the Eno/Fripp duo do thousands of miles away (and by then they are 16/15 years
                                                  old); little brother Pablo used to join those expériments too. All of that finally ends in an Electro-Acoustics
                                                  Degree in the early 80's.
                                                  At the end of this decade, P.B. collaborates a lot with the San Isidro's young musicians scene, as a guitar,
                                                  trumpet or piano player, or as a sound technician, played and/or jammed with names like Fabian "Picho"
                                                  Fontan, Adrian Calonico, Osvaldo "Bochi" Alegre (from the Angel Destino band) , Javier and Martin
                                                  Pajarola,  Juan Enrique Farias Gomez, Alejandro Popovich, Santiago Trejo and brothers, Carlos Riganti
                                                  (from the Alas group), Patricio Migliazzo, Francisco Obieta (an incredible bass player, since some years
                                                  to the date also an orchestra director in Switzerland); which were a few of those who shares music with P.B..
                                                  His friend Gabriel Alaniz gives him the chance to have a first-hand knowledge of the music stage through a
                                                  temporary work with the singer Sandra Mihanovich, and his brother Andres got a part in the music score of
                                                  a short lengh film that put them for the first time in a real studio, at ATC, the official T.V. channel.
                                                  Everything's go fine until... The military service makes a cut of 18 long months in his life, only seasoned
                                                  with the sense of humor of some comrades, like Diego Capusotto (actually a humoristic t.v. actor with high
                                                  prescence in YouTube and other parts of the net).

                                                 80's - Perhaps this was the time when all the seeds were planted and some fruits were harvested.
                                                 After returning from the military, P.B. begins to improving his guitar technique,as well as his guitar stuff,
                                                 mostly pedals, some of them borrowed from friends,  and other boxes made by him.
From time to time he
                                                 uses to met his old San Isidro friends and do some jams and recordings, with the band Gutural (founded by
                                                 David Wapner and Lucio Griffoi), Sergio Romano, Los 22 Genuinos, Dario Goggia and others.
By that time he starts a long time collaboration with Patricio Migliazzo, which last past the early 90's. In that
                                                 environment, various groups were started, like the Trio Canon (with Gabriel Menendez on cello and Jose
                                                 Maria D'Angelo
on flute), with which the electro-acoustic experiments with classical instruments starts; or like
                                                 an unnamed quintet -between friends called "Fohat"-due to the name of one of the pieces-, that plays Migliazzo
                                                 music who have the rare honor of premiering the first 24-Track Studer recorder in B.A., at Panda Studios; and
                                                 other formations.
                                                 The presence of yoga master Alex Sock at home, albeit indirectly, was also highly influential in the
                                                 development of the shots decisions of this time, giving the group of people then the necessary coherence
                                                 and spiritual integrity, no matter later each one follow their own destiny. Since the Panda sessions, he
                                                 remains friends with remarkeable musicians like Julio Presas and Bruno Sanfilippo, with who later several
                                                 collaborations will take place even after the moving from Martinez city.
                                                 One of the main focuses at this point of the Migliazzo-Bordiga partnership was to achieve the most
                                                 complete control over the release of the sound, way that the audible decay of the notes matches exactly with
                                                 the music score's expression legatures, creating a harmonics chorus, sometimes (according to the piece)
                                                 making clouds that emphasize the mood or character of the piece. It was an absolutely hard work, only
                                                 possible by manually setting up in a different way the available hardware for each work. The music of this
                                                 period ranges from early classical like Pachelbel, to actual names like Hovhaness. This provided an ideal
                                                 source of sound and harmonics, something very apretiated at the time of pressing the red "record" button.
                                                 That was a time of tech renew, and P.B. gains a lot of skills putting the things straight enough, way to get
                                                 the finest sound quality. It wasn't rare to have to make in-situ arrangements to make suitable the different -
                                                 generation apparatus in order to start the recordings. Of all those works, remains only some bootlegs
                                                 specially made by P.B., due to the custom of Migliazzo of deliver hand-to-hand copies of his works, also
                                                 because he (PM) has a link with some medicine professionals some tapes for therapy uses were also done
                                                 at this point.
                                                 By the end of this decade, the economics in Argentina have a serious breakdown so many musicians were
                                                 forced to catch the most weird jobs in order to survive, but P.B. manages to get a job making live sound
                                                 with Sonidistas Asociados, an organization led by Willy Zucker, where he met again with an ex-college
                                                 mate, Jose Luis (Manolo) Macrina, who puts his voice in one or two of the first fusion style P.B. pieces and
                                                 helps him to manage some space to move its music; also he began to collaborate with Bruno Sanfilippo,
                                                 who by then were mounting his own studio "Osiris", at the same time while he start to create the first materials
                                                 for what later becomes his first record, "Sons Of The Light".

                                                 90's - A time when some ideas began to materialize, and some cycles close, to give space to the
and getting refreshing air to life.
                                                 By that time, the duo Migliazzo-Bordiga has an awesome amount of material done, but still remains
                                                 accumulated in their wardrobes, except by an unusual spanish edition made with the record label Hyades
                                                 Arts, named Zona Magnetica, one side taken from the Panda sessions and the other recorded live in
                                                 Acassuso, B.A., and a little piece recorded at Daniel Fumega's (a friend musician) home studio, produced
                                                 by P.B.; Jorge Haro did a great job of mediating between musicians and record label on this project. A little
                                                 bit later, Bruno Sanfilippo releases his first edition, Sons Of The Light, and by those strange rounds of life,
                                                 gives P.B. the chance to get a new job, this time at the music industry, in one of the main factories of the
                                                 country, EPSA Electrical Products.
                                                 This event have a huge weight at its time, getting the right opportunity as well for Bruno as for Patricio, of
                                                 releasing their works under a local and trustable record label (Epsa Music, the label related to the factory).
                                                 So was that Bruno's first and Patricio's new Misa De Acuario works were finally released through that label.
                                                 Each work has its own history in development and subsequent fate. At first the enormous demanding of his
                                                 new job, together with other personal issues, make P.B. to make the decision of to end his long time
                                                 association with P.M., but later it was clear that no better thing could be done by then. Therefore, a big and
                                                 bright new horizon has been uncovered to him, in order to make his own music, mainly with the release of
                                                 time. Time now were a precious matter, so he had to learn how to manage it to make his life something more
                                                 than a jail (so heavy were the demand of his main job).
                                                 About 1994, he do some other recording works, among others with remarkable musicians like Mariano Pini,
                                                 specially the outstanding work called Reiki, that was one of the first works strictly done for that discipline,
                                                 involving guitar, tape loops and aftereffects; having P.B. and Mariano similar ideas about sound and music,
                                                 this work reflects that old paradigm of the released-sound almost to its perfection (kudos to Juan Llanos,
                                                 from Macondo Studios). Through Mariano, P.B. get in touch with the at those times recently formed Natas
                                                 group, an indie hard rock formation, of which he was their first stable soundist, and with whom collaborates
                                                 to make clear the group personality. Anyway, P.B. must stop even that because of time matters.
                                                 However, he manages to still collaborate with Bruno, that in this period releases his second, third and
                                                 fourth works, P.B. puts his touch of knowledge and effort for the Solemnis and Suite Patagonia albums;
                                                 later Bruno decides to radicate himself in Barcelona. Around that time, he also enters the radio-broadcast
                                                 world by collaborating with  journalists Mario Melo and Marina Calvo, at the F.M. La Tribu radio station.
                                                 There he produces the last month of the program El Bidet, and the only season of Adios A La Razon, where
                                                 he also have his own symphonic rock space. The remainig years of this decade were signed by the work,
                                                 eventually breaked by a not checked number of fast studio rehearsals and mastering (now his main job) of
                                                 audio for a number of diverse artists. He puts some hours from time to time to upgrade his stuff from analog
                                                 to digital, and more or less his own legacy began to remain safe...

                                                2000's - The root of actual events and final enlightenments.
                                                Now P.B. becomes a master on his mastering job at the plant, so with the time he passes gradually from the
                                                old cassette tape mastering to a brief systems department stance, to the CD mastering process. All of that
                                                always at a cost of time, now valuated to him like the gold. Around 2002, he do some live sound to Los Natas
                                                again (by this time, their massive mailing succeded, so they edit and publish their music, tour america and
                                                europe, becoming one of the most respected bands in the country), then he has the chance of putting into
                                                practice his growing computing knowledge by staying about a year (in the free time) at an enterprise named
                                                Titansol, a web design and enterprise services group in which the Los Natas's drummer Waldo also work. It
                                                was another rare miracle of life, it was located middle way from his job to his home, and It provides him
                                                some rest for his mind; so with the brainstorming way of work there, some important decisions could be
                                                taken, then he concluded that his period of recording others has ended, and that it must began from there on,
                                                his own and final entering to the music world, by launching his own music in a new and personal way of
                                                approaching to it. Because he must to sell all his equipment at the early 90's due to the economics, he now
                                                made a tremendous effort to re-achieve instruments and music material lost before.
                                                So, a new guitar enters his room, as well as a constantly changing range of pc's and macs in order to have
                                                the possibility of direct digitally record anything. About this time, P.B. suffers a stress complication, that
                                                leads him to a one-week stay in hospital (a photo is in the Pix I page), which makes him to change his
                                                working idea and politics about that matter...
                                                In the later years of this period he helps his former team mate of the Trio Canon, Gabriel Menendez, in the
                                                recording process of his first two albums, "Conexion Tango" and "Callejon". The rest is a long way to join
                                                the pieces of his own puzzle in order to start moving his music in the best and proper way.

                                                2010's - Actual fights and the imperious need to move forward.      
                                                Well, to be politically correct and polite, we must to say that the present last years were marked by the fight
                                                against the lack of time and founds, derived undoubtly of what Mr. Robert Fripp once called "The dinosaurs
                                                of the industry", and the country's economical wowings; the recording industry failed to get upgraded itself
                                                (at least in a large part), and no longer has the strengh of previous years, so it is very complicated for the
                                                people involved to have a decent living anymore, no matter you are a technician, a musician or whatever
                                                you could be into that... And the country actually is trying to define for itself the path to continue walking,
                                                making (again) uncertain the long-term plans for everybody...
                                                So, in the practice, when you try to make you own move, you find yourself into a situation like having lost
                                                almost everything and you standing naked on the street again, just like if you were a twentysomething, but
                                                now if you are in your 50's, it's a hard mountain to climb this time...
                                                The more than 21 years old relationship with his former employer broke at the end of 2012, because of an 
                                                "in a way" expected company bankrupcy, derived from bad managing and other issues...
                                       in the meantime of legal paperwork is being done, P.B. restart and push on the music projects that were
                                                waiting to have an output into the real life, including his own solo project and also the recently formed band
                                                "Zona del Punto Sin Retorno" (Point Of No Return Zone), co-teamed by his brother Andrés and old friend
                                                Fernando Racig (this last one  just for the first year), with the later additions of old friends Gigio Germoglio on
                                                bass and Danifari Zearo on drums and percussion, and with expected more members additions in the time to
                                                In the band side, actually they are handling the time and sources in the way to finish the release of their music,
                                                to make the material avalilable for anyone. As a soloist, we have two albums and an EP released through
                                                Bandcamp, and there are two albums more waiting its final release, as could be noticed in the index page.
                                                Also these times the music relationship with Patricio Migliazzo was rebooted, so we added a special space in
                                                our YouTube channel, to promote some videos made at our studio, and further collaboraion works are in
                                                progress actually.
                                                As well as things could be done properly, with time we can jump forward into newer projects, and start
                                                building a backgound over which we can stablish our music independently at least a bit of the constant
                                                changes of the surrounding society's situations...

                                                                                           Thus, more or less this was the path walked, in short.
                                                                                              We hope we were as accurate as possible, anyway
                                                                                        retouching and other politeness work would be done later.

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